What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • New Acute Hospital Utilization Report Available for FY2009-FY2013

    Statewide and regional acute hospital utilization statistics are available as well as databooks containing aggregated FY2013 data on discharges by hospital sites, MS-DRGs, principal diagnosis codes, payer type categories, age groupings, total charges, and average charges.

  • CHIA Examines Substance Use Disorder Treatment

    Approximately 10% of the Massachusetts population suffers from a substance use disorder.

    CHIA examines the continuum of care, patient access to treatment, and potential barriers to care.

  • Health Coverage in Massachusetts

    Findings from the 2014 Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey show that Massachusetts continues to lead the nation with a 96.3 percent coverage rate.

    This report provides information on health insurance coverage, health care access and use, and perceived health care affordability for Massachusetts residents.

  • The Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System

    This collection of reports explore topics covered at a high level in the 2014 Annual Report. Topics include provider price variation, managed care adoption and related costs, adoption of alternative payment methods, tiered network members, and provider quality.

  • Hospital Financial Performance

    CHIA's Acute Hospital Financial Performance Fiscal Year Data through December 31, 2014 is the latest update on the financial performance of acute care hospitals in Massachusetts

Utilization Analysis
CHIA’s report on Acute Care Hospital Utilization Trends provides analyses on inpatient, emergency department, and observation stay utilization across Massachusetts.