Massachusetts All Payer Claims Database

The Massachusetts All Payer Claims Database (MA APCD) is a database comprised of medical, pharmacy, and dental claims, and information about member eligibility, providers, and products from public and private payers. The MA APCD affords a deeper understanding of the Massachusetts health care system by allowing for granular analyses of care patterns and statewide metrics for cost, quality, and access.

For information about proposed analyses of MA APCD data, please see some of the applications for MA APCD data that CHIA has received on the MA APCD Applications Received and Commenting page. The MA APCD also streamlines data submissions required from payers and provides access to timely, comprehensive, and detailed data. The MA APCD is an essential tool for improving quality, reducing costs, and promoting transparency.

The majority of the records in the MA APCD are medical, pharmacy, and dental claims submitted by commercial payers, third party administrators, and public programs (Medicare and MassHealth, Massachusetts’ Medicaid program). These claims come both from medical insurers and from specialty insurers and administrators of “carved-out” services including pharmacy, mental health/chemical dependency, dental, and vision. The database also contains records about individual plan members, providers, and insurance products.

While several states have All Payer Claims Databases, the MA APCD has a unique focus on the efficiencies to be achieved by having one state agency collect and aggregate data from payers. CHIA offers the additional benefit of having the infrastructure to monitor and work with the payers to improve data quality and completeness.

For more information about MA APCD data releases and enhancements, please see the Information for MA APCD Data Users and the MA APCD User Workgroup pages. You can also engage with the MA APCD program by subscribing to the MA APCD email list.